The Sea to Sky–The Morning Adventure, Vancouver Island–The Afternoon Adventure

July 26, 2012              Day 78

It did not take us long to do our planning this morning.  It’s almost a no-brainer–of course we want to get out to Vancouver Island!      This is our once-in-a-life-time trip—our plans are flexible so we can make changes at any point and see as much as is possible.  Vancouver Island here we come!

Our 30 mile drive to finish the Sea to Sky Highway from Squamish to Vancouver was above and along side the sea;  it was so pretty!  It makes me think of our lovely hymn; Eye Has Not Seen. How can things be any more beautiful???  Hard to imagine but I’m sure there’s even more for us!!!

Before we know it we are in Horseshoe Bay and in line for the ferry. The 12:50 is full but we’ll get on the 2:30 for sure.  It’s our opportunity to have lunch in the View and look at our island brochures.

When we do board and are choosing our seats in the observation deck we meet face to face with Brenda and Stan.  We enjoyed their company for the next delightful hour and a half.  We don’t expect to see them again–they have plans on the island to meet friends in Telegraph Cove which is in the northern section of the island.  But……  Wait a minute…   After our supper we drive out on the highway again to go to a Walmart and as we turn in…..   Brenda and Stan are already there and parked for the night.  We’ve spent some of this evening with them and will meet for breakfast tomorrow.

For the little we’ve seen of the island so far: It’s gorgeous—very neat, clean, and prosperous looking. We can’t wait to do some exploring tomorrow.


North Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC                41.1  miles today